13 Stripes Clothing Co.
13 Stripes Clothing Company is a American-made Brand™ clothing based on American history. www.13stripesclothing.com
Now Available to Order! www.13stripesclothing.com13 Stripes Clothing Co. | The Brand “Massachusetts-based 13 Stripes has gained a lot of traction early into the brand’s life. With a dedication to American-made products with a matching aesthetic…”13 Stripes Clothing Company embodies the principles of the time-honored American ethos through its distinctive collection of American-made wares and impeccable goods. Inspired by the unmistakable bravado of our forefathers, each and every garment emphasizes the American virtues of simplicity and versatility - with understated elegance. The brand not only chronicles the historically rich epoch of the American Revolution War, but rekindles the Spirit of 1776. Breathing new life into our nation’s storied past, 13 Stripes latest offerings of American knits and handmade goods tastefully combine American colonial aesthetics, reviving the modern-day patriot in all of us.www.13stripesclothing.com
"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin13 Stripes Clothing Co.#13StripesCo